self care = self love

Happy love week taudrey girls! If there's one thing that the #taudsquad holds near and dear, it's our self-love practice. We practice as a group and as individuals, and it's a really important message that we will always continue to share. Part of self-love is gratitude and we are SO thankful for all of you! Your support and smiles inspire us and we love you right back.

This year we're focused on things we can do every week to keep up the incredible energy that 2023 has brought to all of us. Being good to yourself means loving yourself. Here are some daily habits you can make routine!

  1. start journaling
  2. learn when to slow down
  3. spend time with people that make you feel good
  4. honor your boundaries 
  5. meditate and use daily mantras in the morning
  6. put your phone away at dinner
  7. try something new
  8. practice gratitude
  9. prioritize spending time outdoors
  10. ask for help when you need it

Love yourself and know your worth! We hope you all have a wonderful love week and never forget how much the #taudsquad loves ya!