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In honor of our four-legged ambassador Zoe’s birthday—She’s turning 3 in human years and the big 2-1 in dog years! —taudrey is dedicating the month of March to pups and even donating a percentage of March proceeds from Zoe's dog tag collection to Miami-Dade Animal Services. 

And so it seemed only natural that our canine-love theme would extend to the #taudblog. In this feature, we’re highlighting Tess Rousselle—mom to Cavalier King Charles #taudpups Daphne and Chez, and owner of Instgram force and Etsy shop, CavLife!

taudrey gold dog tag CavLife king charles cavalier

1. How did CavLife come to be? As many people do, I absolutely adore the Cavalier King Charles breed. Their sweet dispositions, loving nature and quirky personalities are what first attracted me. Add in the fluff and strong desire to snuggle and chill, and you literally have the perfect pup. After getting two of my own, I began to notice that there's an entire lifestyle that cavaliers embrace. They are masters of comfort, seem to radiate royalty and ever so sweetly cast you under their spell to spoil them rotten. I thought to myself "what a life the 'cav' life is," and there the idea was hatched.

2. Favorite CavLife item? Tough choice. I am really loving the new "Cav Mom" and "Cav Dad" t-shirts. They are ultra soft, fit really well and most importantly, let everyone around me know that I'm one of those people that will probably end up talking about my dogs more often than not. It's nice to give fair warning.

3. What is it that sets Cavalier King Charles Spaniels apart? There are so many wonderful breeds out there. Ultimately, it comes down to your lifestyle and which breed would make the best partner in crime in the adventures you enjoy most - whether that's hiking or channel surfing. Cavaliers have that perfect balance of sporty and low-key. I can count on Daphne and Chez to be up for a day of kayaking just as much as I can depend on them to want to snuggle up with me for a movie. They go with the flow, and that works well for me.

4. Describe Cavaliers in one word: Darlings

5. What’s your second favorite dog breed? Bulldogs! My boyfriend has an English bulldog named Benji. They are playful, full of love and so goofy. I think I'm getting close to convincing him that we need a second bully to even things out.

6. Describe the relationship between your pups Daphne and Chez: They love each other very much but definitely have a competitive relationship - especially for my attention. Daphne is much brighter than Chez (sorry, boy!). Her favorite pastime is teasing her brother with his toys - he can't quite keep up with her witty little maneuvers and is known to end up running into couch corners, chairs and walls. 

7. Daphne and Chez: Favorite Food? They love Taste of the Wild. The bison formula gets their tails wagging. I switch things up every night by adding either a tablespoon of Alaskan salmon oil or coconut oil.

8. Daphne and Chez: Favorite Toy? Daphne loves anything she can chase. Lasers and mini tennis balls are high on her favorites list. Chez enjoys stuffed frog toys...a lot. He puts in long hours to pull the squeakers out. 

9. Daphne and Chez: Favorite Hobby? Afternoons at the park with their brother Benji for some tail chasing and squirrel "hunting." They just began to really enjoy swimming and look way too cute in their life vests. Daphne and Chez are also seasoned travelers and enjoy plane rides up to Vermont and Boston to visit their grandparents, aunts and uncle.

10. What do Daphne and Chez think about their taudrey dog tags? The taudrey dog tags have put a special little pep in their step. They love being the center of attention and the little splash of gold on their chests have earned many compliments at the dog park!