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Stay Golden Anklet Set

We love our taudrey stunners. Like seriously, the obsession is real. So it's pretty tough to wear just one piece...and therefore, we don't. Here at taudrey, we rock layers and layers of our favorites like it's our job. Well, actually...it is our job. 

For our first of what will be an ongoing #taudblog feature, please enjoy some examples of our favorite ways to layer current taudrey pretties. We hope you'll be inspired to mix, match, stack, and stun. And don't forget to share your perfect pile-ons with us on social media (#taudreygirl)! 

Wear your Dainty Ivory Plate with the Alloy Y-Necklace for a killer combo of delicate crystals.

taudrey layering necklaces namplate y chain

Your Gold Taudrey Collar will add an edgy punch to your Alexandrea Garza Necklace

taudrey layering gold necklaces collar

Got a Silver Taudrey Collar? Throw it over your Silver Mini Coin Initial Necklace, which offers a gold chain for a fun metals mix. 

taudrey layering jewelry silver collar coin initial necklace

When you're ready to take your layering to the next level, drop down and get your y-chain on. We love pairing the pre-layered World is Your Oyster Necklace with the Lush to Blush Y-Chain Necklace (left), and sandwiching the Autograph Plate between the Dainty Ivory Plate and Leaf Y-Chain Necklace (right). 

taudrey jewelry layering long necklaces namplate y chain gold pearl

Because there ain't no party like an dainty arm-candy party, we highly encourage the layering of the following pretties: the Jackie Kennedy Bracelet, Open Cuff and Lovely Heart Bracelet

taudrey jewelry arm party layering bracelet pearls gold

 Spruce up your Beauty and the Bead Bracelet Set with taudrey's favorite fully-gold beaded stunners. The Texas Beaded Bracelet and New York Beaded Bracelet are photographed below however, the beaded piece is also available to note an initial

taudrey jewelry turquoise and gold beads personalized

The arm-party doesn't start until the Sabby walks in! If you have more than one color of our best-selling Sabby Style Bracelet Set, try mixing your favorites. 

taudrey handmade jewelry bracelet bead stack personalized bracelets