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Lauren Ashley Patao of blog The Fashionista’s Diary, and oh-so-loyal #taudreygirl, answers our 21 questions.

Lauren Patao Fasionistas Diary taudrey turqs and tassels splash pearl of wisdom pink

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  1. Name and City? Lauren Ashley Patao, Miami.
  2. Blog name and how the name came to be? The Fashionista’s Diary. I combined fashion with writing—my two favorite things.
  3. What message do you aim to communicate to your followers? Be yourself and never let others put you down. Haters gonna hate!
  4. Guilty pleasure? White wine and the TV Land show “Younger.”
  5. Coffee order? Skinny vanilla latte.
  6. What’s your favorite taudrey piece? The Fashionista’s Diary (TFD) set!
  7. What’s your best advice for taking a selfie? It’s all about good lighting and sharp images. Also, show the whole outfit!
  8. What’s the most significant taudrey piece you own and what does it mean to you? My gold plate necklace personalized with “Phil. 4:13,” my favorite Bible verse. It reminds me to stay strong.
  9. Gold or silver? Gold.
  10. Describe taudrey in one word? Feminine.
  11. What are you jamming to on the radio right now? “No” by Meghan Trainor.
  12. What do you think makes taudrey shine so bright? Besides it’s four-legged ambassador “Zoe The Boss,” it’s about how personalized it is.
  13. Favorite food? Macaroni and Cheese.
  14. Favorite movie? “How to Be Single.”
  15. Any tips for layering your jewelry? Mix dainty with statement pieces.
  16. Current favorite trend? Feminine and floral pieces.
  17. How does taudrey compliment today’s trends? Taudrey is feminine, timeless and fun and so seamlessly compliments all trends.
  18. Whose style do you admire? Olivia Palermo.
  19. What’s something people would be surprised to learn about you? I spend 70% of my day napping.
  20. Best piece of fashion advice? Wear what makes you feel happy and empowered.
  21. Define what it means to be a taudrey girl? In my opinion, it means to be a girl who is feminine and sophisticated, yet with a twist.


Lauren Patao Fashionistas Diary taudrey turqs and tassels pearl arm candy white turquoise coffee

Lauren Patao Fashionistas Diary taudrey arm party social media

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