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Stay Golden Anklet Set

The prettiest moms deserves the prettiest things: taudrey breaks down 10 gifts for mom that will not disappoint.

Mother's Day is approaching and the pressure is on. I mean, that pretty lady deserves something sweet for putting up with all that comes with raising tiny humans into well-rounded, functional beings. Need we say more than um... diapers? The woman deserves a trophy, and of course, some taudrey pretties. 

Our goal is to make it easy for you to please your favorite momma bear this Mother's Day. So here's a list of 10 awesome personalized pieces that will make perfect gifts, as well as notes on the type of mom each one suits. And we're also throwing in a free Mother's Day card. Trust us, you will not disappoint. On the contrary, you'll likely become her favorite. 

Oh and don't forget, the last day to place a personalized order with guaranteed delivery in time for Mother's Day is Friday, April 29. With each piece crafted by hand, we need some time to pour our love into mom's pretties.  

Third Time's a Charm Necklace, $88

Shout out to the sentimental mommies. This longer-styled piece offers generous personalization, with options to include a date and several names. The necklace is ideal for the mom with simple yet stunning style. She rocks a white tee and jeans like nobody else during the week and steals the show in a flowing maxi dress on the weekends.

taudrey third times a charm three charm long gold necklace

The Fashionista's Diary Set, $98

All in the name, this killer multi-metal bracelet set is for the fashionista momma who's not afraid to mix her metals and stylishly wear her heart on her wrist. With ample room for personalization, the set can elegantly feature kids' names, birth dates, birthplace coordinates, and so much more.

Taudrey fashionistas diary three metal bracelet set

Create Your Own Utensils, $52

This one's for the foodie mom. The one that can prepare a five-course meal in her sleep, keeps her recipe book in a vault and owns a bevy of adorable aprons. Customize this fork-and-spoon set with her initials, a meaningful date or even fun phrases like "spoonful of love" and "perfect bite."

taudrey fork spoon custom utensil setTassel Keychain (Gold, Charcoal or Bronze), $38 

This sweet little piece is perfect for the mom on the go, who seamlessly transitions from rush-hour meetings to soccer-team carpool. Make sure mom's keys are as fashionable as she is. The keychain can be hand stamped with an initial, monogram or the word "love."


taudrey tassel keychains


This dainty short-styled necklace is for the mom who presents unexpected sass. She wears simple pieces however occasionally stuns with a bold red lip. Each "petite coin" can be hand stamped with an initial, heart or "&" sign, allowing for a simple yet sassy declaration. 


taudrey five golden rings short necklace five gold charms


(As part of "10 days of taudrey" promotion, available on 4/25 for $34.50!)
This bright turquoise bracelet set, accented by coral and gold beads, a personalized coin and sweet gold-chain tassel, is perfect for the fun-in-the-sun mom. She lives for beach (and boat) days and always has the perfect pair of sunnies and an enviable collection of straw hats. 


taudrey sea me in turquoise beaded bracelet set with gold tassel


(Part of "10 days of taudrey" promotion, available on 4/26 for $28.50)
This delicate, pre-layered number is for the sweet and soft mom who gives the best hugs. She loves dainty, less-is-more styles and is a sucker for a simple pearl. The petite coin on the necklace's second layer can be personalized with an initial, heart or Swarovski crystal.


taudrey world is your oyster layered gold necklace with pearl
(Part of "10 days of taudrey" promotion, available on 4/27 for $27.50!)
This taudrey bracelet is for the mom with flair. She's got some special spunk and a love for sassy extras - confetti, sparkle and gold tassels included. The bracelet's "petite coin" can be hand stamped with a sweet initial or fun symbol. 


taudrey tassles on a gold leash bracelet with charm and gold tassel
(As part of "10 days of taudrey" promotion, available on 4/28 for $29.40!)
These delicate, dangling pretties are ideal for the girly mom. This sweet mommy is never afraid of peonies and pastels and loves to stylish express her femininity. The stunning earrings can be personalized with an initial, heart or Swarovski crystal.


taudrey hanging by a thread gold pull through personazlied earring
(As party of "10 days of taudrey" promotion, available on 4/29 for $36!)
The taudrey collar is the perfect gift for the mom with edge. She sets trends, is known for being the coolest mom on the block and likely has a lock on her closet to keep out incessant borrowers. With no clasps or closures, this personalized piece can literally be "thrown on."


taudrey collar goldtaudrey collar silver