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For our Mother's Day edition of "a taudrey girl answers 21 questions," we're featuring Savannah Rose Soutas. The stylish photographer-turned-blogger is the proud mommy of 3-year-old Everleigh, whose sweetness has taken the Instagram world by storm. And while Savannah is often the mastermind behind the camera, the model mom also stuns in front of the lens with her enviable flowing locks and mesmerizing eyes.

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1. Name and city?: Savannah Rose Soutas. Orange County, CA

2. Tell us about your family: Everleigh was born when her dad and I were 19. We are now both 23. We are young parents and I wouldn't change that for the world!

3. What’s the best part about being a fashion blogger? I just recently began fashion blogging but I absolutely love it! I love being able to do what I love doing. Everleigh loves getting dressed up with me and posing for the camera!

4. What do you love most about being a #taudreygirl? I love taudrey jewelry! It's absolutely amazing and I love the "mommy and me" sets the most.

5. In your opinion, what makes taudrey so great for moms? Taudrey is amazing for moms because pieces can be customized as "mommy and me" sets and the jewelry is simple enough to go with everything while still being so unique!

6. How would you describe your style? I love dresses. They have to be my favorite. I am definitely a Free People kind of girl.

7. Tell us a bit about Everleigh? Everleigh ("Ever") has modeled since she was 8-months old and has a fashion blog with her best friend, Ava. Their Instagram, @foreverandforava, has 320,000 followers! Ever and Ava have appeared on news shows and modeled for big brands including Kardashian Kids. Everleigh LOVES to dance and is on a competition team. She also loves her gymnastics class.

8. What kind of styles does Everleigh lean towards? Everleigh puts on whatever I pick out. She's super easy and doesn't throw a fit about any clothing. She loves getting dressed up!

9. Who does Everleigh get her dancing skills from? I grew up dancing--starting when I was 2 years old-- so I would have to say Everleigh gets the dancing gene from her mama! 

10. What’s it like raising such a fashionista? I love my little fashionista! She's full of personality, sass and sweetness, and loves showing her clothes to her family and friends.

11. What’s it like when you and Everleigh are recognized on the street? It's so sweet when people stop us to take pictures with us. Well, mostly Everleigh- haha! I think it's adorable. They ask a lot of fun questions and I love meeting new people!

12. What does Everleigh think of her fame? Everleigh is just starting to realize that people know her from her pictures and videos and I think she thinks it's pretty cool! I never use the word "fame" because I don't want to raise her that way, but she knows that when people stop to take pictures with or meet her, it's because they recognize her from her pictures and videos on musical.ly. She's very sweet to them and let's them hold her hand and take pictures. I think she enjoys it. I want to raise her in the most HUMBLE way I possibly can.

13. Tell us what you love about you and Everleigh’s matching taudrey pieces?  Everleigh and I love our matching bracelets! They go with literally every outfit!

14. What does Everleigh think of her new taudrey? Everleigh loves matching me!

15. What are your Mother’s Day plans?  We are having brunch with our whole family and then going to the beach!

16. Describe taudrey in one word: Classy

17. Gold or silver? Gold

18. What’s your best piece of fashion advice?  Make sure you absolutely love what you're buying. Otherwise, you'll never wear it!

19. What your best photography tip? Make sure to shoot from the right angle and have a pretty background!

20. What message do you strive to communicate to your fans? I would love to let people know that's it's not all about pictures and glam. Half of the time, I have my hair in a bun and look like a mess. And sometimes, Everleigh and I are wear our pajamas around the house all day! Everleigh and I go to Disneyland, the park, work on preschool, and have tons of fun together, just like all other mommas and babies out there. It's not all about the pictures, although we both love getting dressed up and taking them!

21. What’s something people would be surprised to learn about you? I'm a young mommy and had Everleigh when I was 19. I grew up modeling my whole life and I love that Everleigh loves doing it too! I'm currently studying to earn to Bachelor's degree in teaching and I will always encourage Everleigh to put her education first! 


savannah soutas and everleigh taudrey
Shop their set: Mommy and Baby Girl Beaded Sets